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Toronto, Ontario on 5th of May 2018


Turn Your Real Estate Business Into A “Growth Machine” That Easily And Predictably Attracts More Clients, Investors, Buyers And Profits


Turn Your Real Estate Business Into A “Growth Machine” That Easily And Predictably Attracts More Clients, Investors, Buyers And Profits

Hi, My Name's Brian Tracy. If You're Like So Many Of The Entrepreneurs I Talk With Every Day, You're Probably Experiencing At Least One Of These Big Frustrations:

  • Perhaps you feel your real estate business isn't growing as fast as you hoped... or worse, it's stagnant. As a result, the dream of achieving your financial and personal goals still seems a long way off.
  • Your investments seem to be at the mercy of forces outside your control – such as the economy, and the state of the real estate market.
  • At times, you feel like your business is running you... rather than the other way round. The long hours and hard work you're putting in are light years away from the lifestyle you desire.
  • Many of the real estate owners, agents and brokers I speak with feel stuck. They've hit a roadblock... and aren't sure of the steps they need to take, to overcome the obstacles to their success.

The good news is... there's a simple solution to all of these frustrations, which I'd like to tell you about right now.

If you've experienced any of those concerns, chances are you’re missing one or more of the KEY ELEMENTS needed to turn your real estate business into a growth and profit machine.

Your Long-Term Business Growth And Success Depends On This

As a business coach and consultant, I've been training entrepreneurs on how to build high profit businesses for over 30 years. I've consulted for more than 1,000 large companies, and helped thousands of small and medium sized enterprises to grow and thrive.

So I think it's fair to say... I know every aspect of what it takes to start, build and maintain a successful business in any industry.

What I've discovered during that time... and what YOU really need to know, is this:

It really doesn't matter what type of business you run. It doesn't matter whether you're a real estate investor... or whether you're a real estate or financial professional, such as an agent or broker.

The long-term success or failure of your real estate business hinges on your ability to do 4 powerful things, and do them well:


Develop absolute clarity about who you are, what you want... and the best way to achieve it. When you have this level of clarity, you'll be able to work past any and all obstacles to growth.

For example, as a real estate agent or broker, what’s your most important activity? If you said prospecting and selling, you’d be partly right… but there’s ONE THING that’s even more important.

When you have absolute clarity, you can focus on the things that will bring you the highest growth and profits.


When you eliminate or delegate all the low value activities in your life, you become super-efficient. You free up more time to do the things you love, while every moment you invest in your real estate business moves you closer to the results you desire.


Determine your special talents, abilities and strengths. If you’re an investor, maybe it’s finding the best areas and types of real estate to invest in. If you’re a broker or agent, perhaps you’re good at turning prospects into clients.

Whatever your strengths are, focus on developing them to a higher level… and build a trustworthy team who can deal with the things you’re not so skilled at.


You have more assets to leverage than you realize right now. Maybe it’s a list of buyers. You might have a lot of knowledge about real estate in a particular area... or a skill you’re really good at, such as closing deals.

When you use leverage in ALL aspects of your real estate business, and not just in raising finance… you’ll turn it into a powerhouse of profits and growth.

Based on results from over 10,000 small and medium sized businesses and investors in over 70 countries, I can say with confidence that... when you master these 4 “Success Factors,” you thrive.

Your success is no longer dependent on the state of the market or the economy. You can begin to chart a clear path to achieving your financial goals.

Your business and investments now work for you, giving you the time and resources to do whatever else you want to do in life.

Learn How To Master These “Success Factors” Quickly And Easily

Fortunately, mastering these 4 “Success Factors” is relatively simple. First, it's about applying an important set of Core Principles to everything you do. These principles put your real estate business on a rock solid foundation.

More importantly, they allow you to implement a set of Insider Strategies and Techniques. These are the techniques being used by the most successful people, to build and grow thriving multi-million dollar businesses right now.

Sadly, most entrepreneurs haven't been taught these principles and techniques. That's why, according to a recent Industry Canadasurvey... over HALF of all small businesses fail within their first 5 years. That includes a lot of real estate investors, brokers and agents too!

Of course, you could pay $30,000 CAD or more to take an MBA at a prestigious university... but much of it is theoretical, and has only limited value in the cut-and-thrust world of real business and investing.

Besides, there's a much quicker and easier way of learning these principles and techniques... at just a tiny fraction of the cost.

In Just 1 Day, Get All The Knowledge You Need To Create A Powerful, Profitable Real Estate Business

I want to give you all this knowledge, without having to spend weeks or even months on a course. That's why I invite you to my 1-Day Business & Real Estate Mastery live event in Toronto, Canada... on 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM of Saturday, 5th of May 2018. I'm the lead speaker at the event, and I'll show you...

  • What it takes to build and maintain a highly profitable real estate business starting from the ground up... even if you have very little money and resources to begin with.
  • The traits and qualities of men and women who've built ultra-successful real estate businesses with great cash flow.
  • The Core Principles that provide your business and investments with the “engine” for growth and profitability.
  • The Insider Strategies and Techniques for putting rocket fuel into your real estate business growth engine.
  • How to develop a powerful business and marketing plan... one that consistently attracts qualified prospects to you. You need these regardless of what type of real estate business you’re running.
  • How to perfect your sales process and master superior selling strategies.
  • How to implement “zero based thinking” so you can focus on the top 20% of activity that's generating 80% of your revenue. Your ability to do this is a strong predictor of your success.

A number of other speakers will also be there, who are experts in real estate and business. They're going to reveal their most coveted secrets and strategies... so you can start, build and expand your real estate business faster than ever before.

This event is designed for anyone associated with the real estate industry. You could be a real estate investor. Perhaps you’re a broker or agent, or a financial professional. If you want more clients, customers, buyers, profits and cash flow… this event is for you.

It's The Equivalent Of An MBA... In One Power-Packed Day Of Training!

I was recently giving a conference. The head of a company of 400 people stood up, and said he'd paid $40,000 USD to take a 6 week summer course in the executive MBA program at Harvard University.

He then took my MBA program, on which this Business & Real Estate Mastery event is based. He said he got more practical value from my program, than from a $40,000 USD theoretical program at Harvard!

That's because the techniques and strategies you'll be given at this 1-day event aren't just theoretical. They work in the real world. They're being used right now by the smartest and fastest growing businesses, including many of the top real estate investors and agents.

You'll be given the tools to turn your business and investments into a growth and profits powerhouse. You'll be able to plot your future success, and move more quickly toward your financial and personal goals.

You'll learn to create and live your ideal life, where your real estate business no longer runs you... but instead, provides you with the time and resources to live a fulfilling and balanced life.

Event Guest Speakers

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani is the founder of the Private Investment Club, the largest real estate investment club in Canada. Sunil is a former police officer who quit his job in 2005 to become a real estate investor. In his first year, he bought and sold 77 properties and made nearly a million dollars.

At the event, Sunil will be revealing some of his most coveted secrets and strategies for investing in real estate.

Bogdan Marzewski

Bogdan Marzewski is a well-known public speaker, best-selling author, Coach and a PIC millionaire. Bogdan has shared stages with Jack Canfield, Robert G. Allen and other well known business personalities. At this event, he’ll share how he bought properties nothing down using none of his money.

Cora Cristobal

Cora Cristobal is the founder of Toronto Women’s Club. A CPA by profession, successful real estate investor, a best-selling author, mentor and speaker. Her real estate investment experience covers high-end subdivision lots, golf shares, resorts, residential properties, and cash flowing investment properties.

Brian d'Eon

Brian d'Eon has been investing in residential real estate for over 10 years. He closed his first 12 deals while juggling family and a busy travel and consulting life, by developing profitable investing techniques that required minimum effort. Brian will be talking about "How to build passive income using rent to own strategies."

Paul Lejoy

Paul Lejoy is a real estate broker, real estate investor and the author of several bestselling books. He started investing in real estate in 2002 and has acquired and flipped over 100 houses.Along the way, Paul has made some costly mistakes. And, for the first time ever, he’ll be sharing his “Top 7 Mistakes as a Real Estate Investor” with you. And how you can avoid them to create massive wealth for you and your family.

Amit Ambegaonkar

Amit Ambegaonkar is a Business coach, an author, Real Estate Investor and a well-known public speaker. During the event, Amit will be sharing some of his closely guarded insider information on he was able to invest in real estate “nothing down” and how he raised money to buy his real estate.

So What's The Cost To Attend?

It's hard to put an accurate value on all of the information you're about to receive.

A corporate client recently paid $35,000 USD to have me come down and spend a day with him, teaching him what I'm about to teach you. That's clearly someone who appreciates the value of life-changing knowledge!

He wanted me to be there with him in person, because he knew it would motivate him take action on what he learned... and as you know, only knowledge combined with action gets meaningful results.

So now you know the importance of what I want to share with you, let me ask you a question.

How much is it worth to you, to learn how to shape your real estate business into a growth and profit machine... one that allows you to achieve your financial and personal goals, and to live the life that you desire?

Of course, I know not everyone has $35,000 USD to invest right now... even though the information is worth that and much more.

That's why the Private Investment Club and myself decided to price this event at a level where everybody could attend, regardless of their current situation. We wanted to make it a real no-brainer!

This 1-day Business & Real Estate Mastery live event is based on a course that I sell for $497 CAD… so we figured, a reasonable price for entry would be $400 CAD, which is a $97 CAD saving.

Plus, you'll get to see me in person... which is a strong action motivator that you can't get from sitting at home reading books and watching digital courses.

However, I want you to take action right away. I know how vitally important it is for you to have this information, and I want to make absolutely sure you're here with me on 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM of Saturday, 5th of May in Toronto.

That's why we've made the decision to lower the General Admission ticket price to just $197 CAD... if you book today.

Of course, we reserve the right to withdraw this special price at any time... especially as the venue fills up.

A Word Of Warning Before You Book

I'd like to offer an important warning here... which is also a powerful business lesson:

Don't undervalue the information you're about to learn, just because of the current low price. I've seen $10,000 courses that don't have the same cutting-edge insights I'm going to give you. I know of $40,000 CAD university courses that don't deliver as much practical value as this 1-day event.

So don't forget to bring a notepad and pen with you when you come... because you're going to want to absorb every single powerful principle, strategy and technique.

If even just ONE technique helps you grow your business faster, attract more investors and fast-track you to achieving your financial goals... it will have been more than worth it.

In fact, I know you're going to get an incredible amount of value from attending... so I'm willing to offer you a simple 100% money back guarantee. Come to the event, and absorb all of the knowledge. If you don't think it was absolutely worth it, we'll refund all your money. It's as simple as that.

That's how confident I am, and that's how important it is for me to see you there. I've seen what happens when this information is applied. It's truly powerful and life-changing

Of course, I could spend time talking about how much it would cost you NOT to learn this information... but the truth is, I don't have a crystal ball. All I know is, missing out on this vital information could turn out to be very costly in the long run. And you're in it for the long run, otherwise you wouldn't have read this far! Like any entrepreneur, you want to build a successful and profitable long-term business.

If you’re a real estate investor, you want to find the best properties with the highest cash flow and profits. You want more and higher paying buyers and renters, and investors to help you grow.

If you’re a real estate agent, mortgage broker or other real estate professional… you want more clients, as well as better and higher paying clients. That's why it's important to invest a little time and money now, and make sure you're here with me in Toronto on 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM of Saturday, 5th of May for this 1-day event.

I want to give you all the knowledge you need to turn your real estate business into a growth and profit machine... one that allows you to achieve your personal and financial goals, and that gives you the time and resources to live the life you want.

The Perfect Opportunity To Network With Millionaires And Real Estate Entrepreneurs

One final point. This event will be attended by millionaires, and people who are looking to invest and partner with others in the real estate industry.

So it’s going to be the perfect time to network!

If you upgrade to VIP tickets, you’ll get a Backstage Pass so you can get behind the scenes to meet me. We’ll also be having a VIP lunch, which will be another great time to network. You'll also have a chance to get your photo taken with me.

With Platinum tickets, you’ll get 30 seconds to present your product or service from the platform, and you’ll get to have your photo taken with me.

We’ll also have a gala dinner, and the host of the event Sunil Tulsiani will be holding a powerful 90 minute Mastermind Session exclusively for Platinum ticket holders.

In other words, there are plenty of ways you can leverage this event so it becomes more than about learning.

In my experience, people who invest in VIP and Platinum tickets are absolutely serious about growing their real estate business. Being in that circle can often open up more doors, fast-tracking your success.

But whether you choose General Admission, VIP or Platinum tickets… what’s most important is that you’re here with me in Toronto on 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM of Saturday, 5th of May for this 1-day event.

So go ahead, select your ticket below... and I'll see you there!

Brian Tracy

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08:00 AM - 06:00 PM, Saturday, 5th of May 2018

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