How To
Retire Wealthy
Using Real Estate Investments

Starting With Little Or No Money Down

Hi... I'm Robert G. Allen,
author of the best selling real estate book of all time
– Nothing Down.

I discovered the wealth building nature of real estate back in 1974.

I wanted to get involved… but didn’t have much cash.

Banks weren’t exactly bending over backwards to lend me money… and you needed a big down payment to buy real estate.

But that wasn’t going to stop me! I came up with ways to invest, where almost no cash was needed.

Within a few years, my tiny nest egg had become a real estate empire… with a net worth of several million dollars.

Today, nearly two decades into the 21st century... real estate is still THE most powerful wealth-producing tool in the world.

There are still countless ways to build your personal fortune... and to retire comfortably.

Let me show you how, even if you have little money right now.

And no... it’s absolutely not a pipe dream. It’s realistic, and it’s achievable.

But to achieve it, you need to become good at 3 Core Skills – what I call the 3 F’s. The first is...

Finding The “Golden” Real Estate

Finding the right property for your limited dollars is like panning for gold. You have to sift through a lot of gravel before you find a valuable nugget.

First, you need to know how to recognize a genuine bargain.

There’s plenty of “fools gold” on offer – deals and real estate that look good at first... but could quickly turn into nightmares.

For example, I’ve snapped up “bargains” in bad locations.

Before long, I was almost willing to pay someone to take them off my hands! They attracted the worst tenants and the lowest rates, and rapidly drained my cash.

You also need to find “Dont-Wanter” sellers, who want to get rid of their property fast.

By the way, this is where new investors get discouraged… because most sellers aren’t flexible.

But it doesn’t matter. We’re panning for gold.

We’re looking for the 5% of sellers who are “Don’t-Wanters”... and who will be open to more creative deals.

That takes patience… but it’s more than worth it to find the gold nugget!

Fortunately, I’ve developed a system to help me identify the REAL bargains... almost like clockwork.

I’ll explain how you can get hold of it too, in just a few moments.


The second Core Skill is...

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Funding Your Real Estate Purchases With Little or No Money Down

Once you’ve found a genuine bargain, lack of cash could stop you from making an offer.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

I wrote the book Nothing Down in 1980... to show people how they could invest in real estate with little or no money down.

It stormed into the New York Times bestselling list, and stayed there for 100 weeks!

As a result, over a million people have learned how to make “Nothing Down” deals.

My strategies have helped countless numbers of investors to get started... and countless more to retire after just years of investing.


They work just as well today, which means...

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You Don't Have To Be Held Hostage By A Lack Of Finances Or Cash

But most people still buy into the idea that “you need to have money to make money”... and this is what keeps them shackled to a job!

You only need to know how to find the money. If you don’t have the money you need, someone else does.

I know it might sound hard to believe... but in some cases, that person is the seller.

That’s why we look for “Dont-Wanter” sellers.

They’re much more willing to be flexible – not only on price, but also on the terms of the deal.

When you know how to use my “Nothing Down” strategies, you might be able to agree on a win-win deal... where the seller is putting up the funds!

(Sounds crazy, I know… but I’ve done it plenty of times.)

If not, there are other “Nothing Down” ideas you could use... or other sellers who may be open to creative deals.

The third Core Skill, the third F, is...

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Farming Your Investments, And Reaping The Money Crop

“Farming” is my term for profiting from your purchases.

This will depend on your chosen profit strategy. You should decide on it before you invest.

For example... if you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, right now you just want to pay the bills and build up some cash.

In that case, you’d perhaps aim to create deals that bring you positive cash flow each month.

You’d need to know what to look out for, so you’re not caught out by unexpected costs.

Maybe you’d focus on bargain real estate in need of rehab.

You’d need to know all the costs, so you know you can profit when you sell it.
Once your short terms needs are met, you could switch to “Portfolio Builder” strategies.

That means buying and managing real estate for long term cash flow, and an increase in value.

By the way… over the years, I’ve refined and perfected a system for doing all of this. I’ll tell you about it in a few moments.

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Warning: Here's What Could Bring Your Plans To A Grinding Halt

Imagine this.

You’ve found a “golden” property in an ideal location... and learned that the seller is a “Don’t Wanter.”

In other words, you’ve done the “Finding” part. So far, so good.

Now it’s time to see if the seller might agree to a “Nothing Down” deal.

For example, maybe he’s open to an “Ultimate Paper Out”... where he takes his equity at a later date, so that no cash changes hands right away.

Perhaps only 1 in 10 of these “Don’t Wanter” sellers will agree to this.

But if you don’t know what an “Ultimate Paper Out” is, or how to put it together... you can’t even offer it in the first place!

And that’s just ONE of many “Nothing Down” strategies.

You can even use two or three of them together... to come up with creative win-win deals that involve very little cash.

This is also where good negotiating skills come in… and being able to handle the six objections that come up when offering “Nothing Down” deals.

You need to have good replies to questions like...

  • "Why should I sell with nothing down? You could run my property into the ground."
  • "I'm going to buy another property with my proceeds, so I need cash down."
  • "I've already got a lot of debt."

If you’re weak in any area… you’re less likely to get what you want.

Sooner or later, it could bring your dreams of a quick retirement to a grinding halt.

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Minefield... Or Field Of Hidden Treasure?

Right now, this might all sound like a bit of a minefield... especially if you’re not familiar with my “Money Down” strategies.

It certainly can be... if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Use my strategies the right way, the way I teach them... and you’ll find there’s a field of hidden treasure out there, just waiting for you to discover it.

That’s because... few people know how to find these real estate treasures. Even fewer know how to put together creative “Nothing Down” deals.

I’ve seen people teach their own versions of my “Nothing Down” strategies. It’s not a pretty sight.

They often miss out critical pieces of the puzzle. Not having that piece could cost the investor tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s why I put together my own complete system for creative real estate investing.

It’s a blueprint for what you need to know, and what you MUST avoid... if you want to retire wealthy from real estate within 5-10 years or less.

I’m thrilled to be able to present it to you, at the "2-Day Nothing Down Real Estate Investment Course", on the February 3rd and 4th, 2018 in Toronto.

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My System Is Perfect For Both New And Experienced Real Estate Investors

If you’re new to real estate investing... my blueprint will give you the clarity you need, to get started.

It will show you how to decide on a Profit Strategy... so you can solve any immediate problems, such as a lack of investment cash or regular income.

Of course, you’ll also learn how to buy real estate using little or none of your own money.

If you’re an experienced investor... be honest with yourself. You probably have at least one or two “weak links” in the skill chain. It’s possible you don’t even know about them.

My system is designed to strengthen ALL the links in the chain, to eliminate ANY bottlenecks... so you can reach your goals faster.

Whatever experience you have right now, my blueprint can help you retire wealthy... in just years, rather than decades… just like the tens of thousands of people who became millionaires after learning my “Money Down” strategies.

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Here’s A Small Glimpse Of What You’ll Learn At The 2-Day Real Estate Investment Course

  • I’ll show you how to quickly find the 5% of sellers who are “Don’t-Wanters,” and likely to be open to “Nothing Down” deals.
  • I’ll give you my exclusive BargainFinder system, to filter out the “fools gold” from the true “golden” real estate. Use it to identify the REAL bargains, and minimize the risk of buying a cash-draining, soul-destroying nightmare of a property.
  • How to know if an investment will produce a positive cash flow... and how to avoid the THREE BIG PITFALLS when looking at the numbers. Watch out – these pitfalls could cost you a small fortune.
  • The right way to work out the costs, so you’re not hit with sudden nasty surprises once you own a property. Too many rookie investors get this wrong… and sometimes, even experienced ones!
  • A fast 7-step method to make cash from real estate, without even having to own or maintain it... perfect if you just need to get money quickly.
  • Negotiating with the seller is fun, but it’s also the make-or-break part. I’ll share my advanced negotiation secrets and tactics, perfected from decades of experience. Each one could easily save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per deal.
  • The 6 BIG OBJECTIONS sellers are likely to raise, while you’re negotiating a “Nothing Down” deal... and what to say in reply, so you can close the deal.
  • I’ll give you several ways to fund deals with little or none of your own money down: “The Ultimate Paper Out”, seller financing, lease options, land contracts... and many more.
  • How to make a written offer as risk-proof as possible... so if anything goes wrong, you’ve got something to fall back on.
  • I’ll show you the 10 essential elements of a “Nothing Down” contract. Miss any one of these out, and you could give yourself a legal headache.
  • My no-nonsense strategy for buying rehabs or “fixer-uppers” to flip. I’ll show you how to figure out the costs, and raise the money needed to fix up the property... so that you’re almost certain to make a profit.
  • I’ll share my unique 8-step Action Model, your path to retiring wealthy within years, rather than decades.

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Good News - This Is Easier Than You Think!

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming... let me assure you, it’s a lot easier than you think.

I compare it to driving. If you think about what’s involved, it’s a wonder that anyone can drive.

You need to brake, accelerate, steer, pay attention to the road and other drivers, and make split second decisions.

Yet millions of ordinary people around you do this every day – while singing to music on the radio!

How do they do it?

They start out with a good driving instructor, who teaches them the technical details... and helps them avoid fatal mistakes. Then they get out there and drive... until it becomes second nature.

The same is true for becoming a wealthy real estate investor.

I’ll be your real estate “driving instructor” at this 2-Day Real Estate Investment Course. I know the route to wealth. I know what it takes to get people to where they want to be.

Plus, you’ll be in an environment where you can connect with other real estate investors. For many of them, investing is already second nature.

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The Simple Secret To Becoming Wealthy From Real Estate

Earlier I said that to retire wealthy within 5-10 years, you need to become good at 3 Core Skills:

  • Finding “golden” real estate.
  • Funding your real estate investments, with little or none of your own money.
  • Farming your investments – making sure you profit from them.

There’s an important reason I call them “Core Skills.”

With each new investment project, you need to go through the process of Finding, Funding and Farming. I call this the WealthCycle.

Now, here’s the exciting part. It’s the simple secret to a wealthy retirement just years from now:

The more times you complete this WealthCycle, the wealthier you become.

In other words... to achieve the level of wealth you desire, you just have to complete enough WealthCycles!

For example, let’s say you're new to real estate investing. In your first year, you complete the WealthCycle at least once and hopefully four times.

If each turn of the WealthCycle produces at least $10,000 in profit... it’s entirely possible to earn between $25,000 and $50,000 in first-year profits. Not bad if you’re a beginner!

In the second year, you could aim to complete more WealthCycles, or generate more profit per cycle – perhaps $25,000 or more on each property.

In your third year, you might decide to branch out into larger apartment blocks.

By Year 4 or 5, you’re adding real estate to your portfolio... for long term appreciation and regular cash flow.

Of course, the above is purely an example for beginners... and not meant to represent what you can or will achieve personally.

If you do nothing with my system, your results will be ZERO.

If you're an experienced investor, you could make much higher profits per WealthCycle... or more WealthCycles a year.

Our host Sunil Tulsiani completed 77 WealthCycles in his first year... and made nearly a million dollars!

What you achieve personally is down to you... but I’ll give you the tools to complete each WealthCycle, putting your destiny back where it belongs – in your own hands.

But you might be thinking...

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"If It's Really This Simple, Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?"

There are several reasons. First, many don’t even try because they buy into the “need money to make money” fallacy.

Second, most people don’t know HOW to become wealthy from real estate.

There’s certainly no shortage of books and courses out there... but most of them leave out critical details.

They aren’t flexible enough to take you from nothing to retiring wealthy... while taking into account the bumps you’ll face along the way.

That’s why I want to give you my complete system to real estate wealth... along with the technical details to make it happen.

Third, many real estate investors give up when they hit an early roadblock. Maybe they run out of investment cash, or can’t find the ideal property.

Finally, many simply don’t want to put in the small effort required.

Those same people will probably be stuck in a job for the rest of their life... working hard for 40-50 years, just to enjoy an average retirement.

I don’t know about you... but to me, THAT sounds like massive effort!

Investing in real estate requires just a tiny fraction of that effort... with the very realistic potential to retire wealthy within years, rather than decades.

It really excites me to be able to share my system... one that has so much potential for you.

The fact that relatively few people choose to do this is great news.

It means you’re more likely to find real bargains and close creative “Nothing Down” deals... and become part of an “elite” group of wealthy real estate investors.

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Here's How To Access The Resource You Need.

This 2-Day Real Estate Investment Course also brings another golden opportunity.

You’ll be with all kinds of investors – from people just getting started, to veterans and millionaires.

I’ve always believed in creating win-win deals between buyers and sellers... and we can also do the same with our fellow investors.

Perhaps the person sitting behind you has the investment cash you need… but doesn’t have the time to hunt down bargains.

Maybe the person next to you is an expert on putting together “Nothing Down” deals.

Whatever you might lack, somebody else has... and there’s no better place to find what you need, than at this Real Estate Investment Course.

Perhaps you’re just looking for inspiration... or to feel the excitement that comes, when you’re surrounded by people with a sense of passion and purpose.

Either way, it’s a great place to connect with other real estate investors. You never know what even a simple handshake might open up for you.

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Here's What You Need To Do Next.

Let's talk about the cost.

What I'm about to reveal to you is so valuable, people have paid upwards of $5k to learn this system... even at Real Estate Investment Course where I didn't show up!

This time, Sunil Tulsiani, founder of the Private Investment Club, convinced me to come in person.

That means an opportunity for us to meet personally, especially if you have VIP or Platinum tickets.

The good news is, you won't need to pay anywhere near $5k.

We're discounting this heavily, because we want to create an information product out of this... which will be my legacy.

Plus, we decided to go for a larger audience... so we could offer a much lower price per head.

We settled on pricing General Admission tickets at just $400 CAD, which includes entry for both days

This is just a tiny fraction of the profit you could make, from a single “Nothing Down” deal... to say nothing of the next 5-10 years!

I’m absolutely convinced this is THE system you need, to build your fortune with real estate. To make sure you’re with me on February 3rd and 4th...

I’m happy to make you this rock-solid guarantee, if you have a General Admission or VIP ticket: Come along, and spend a whole day with me. By the end of the first day, if you don't think it was more than worth it... just let us know, and we'll refund every dollar.

You should also know, I don’t have any plans to share my system in this format again... so it could well be now or never.

We also had to book the venue in advance, for obvious reasons – so we have limited seating. Once it’s full, we’re not allowed to cram extra bodies into the venue... no matter how much people beg us!

In other words, make sure you don’t miss this rare opportunity… to learn how to make “Nothing Down” deals, and build your fortune in real estate.

Reserve your seats right now, before we’re sold out.

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Event Guest Speakers

Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani is the founder of the largest elite real estate club in Canada known as Private Investment Club. Sunil is a former police officer who invested in 77 properties in his first year alone and made nearly a million dollars. Today, he is an international speaker, #1 best-selling author and mentor to millionaires. At this event, alongside Robert G. Allen, Sunil will be share how he did over 80 properties in one day using none of his money.

Terry Stallwood

Terry Stallwood is an International Real Estate Investor, Author, Coach, Speaker and PIC’s 10th Millionaire. Terry will share with you how he was able to make million dollars in a year using his “nothing down” techniques.

Cora Cristobal

Cora Cristobal is the founder of Toronto Women’s Club. A CPA by profession, successful real estate investor, a best-selling author, mentor and speaker. Her real estate investment experience covers high-end subdivision lots, golf shares, resorts, residential properties, and cash flowing investment properties.

Brian d'Eon

Brian d'Eon has been investing in real estate for over 12 years. Primarily focused in equitable Rent-to-Own properties, including no-money-down, his techniques have been proven and well refined over the years. He has since become the founder of Canadian Wealth Masters, a public speaker, a best-selling author, and mentor—sharing his wealth building strategies in real estate.

Tayler Fehr

Tayler Fehr is a full time award winning real estate investor, mentor and co-founder of Go Get It (GGI) Real Estate ltd. In 2017, GGI completed over 21 flipping transactions. Tayler will be sharing his secrets on "how to flip real estate for big profits with zero down” along-side of Robert G. Allen.

Amit Ambegaonkar

Amit Ambegaonkar is a Business coach, an author, Real Estate Investor and a well-known public speaker. During the event, Amit will be sharing some of his closely guarded insider information on he was able to invest in real estate “nothing down” and how he raised money to buy his real estate.

Robert Elder

Robert Elder has built a current portfolio of over 400 properties and 600 residential units. He’s an author, speaker, lawyer and Founder of Millionaire Real Estate Club – the biggest real estate association in Oklahoma City. Robert will be talking about how to buy properties in the USA using his unique nothing down strategy.

Bogdan Marzewski

Bogdan Marzewski is a well-known public speaker, best-selling author, Coach and a PIC millionaire. Bogdan has shared stages with Jack Canfield, Robert G. Allen and other well known business personalities. At this event, he’ll share how he bought properties nothing down using none of his money.

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It's Time For A "Game Plan" To Build Your Fortune

As my friend Bill Martin says, “In ten years you will have arrived. The question is, where?”

If you want truly life-changing wealth, and the ability to retire in style... you have to plan for it, and then take action. Starting now.

At this 2-Day Real Estate Investment Course, I’ll give you the roadmap to get you there... regardless of your current situation.

  • If you’ve never purchased real estate before (or even if you have)... I’ll show you how to do it, using little or none of your own money.
  • If you’re currently living from paycheck to paycheck, I’ll show you how to replace it with income from real estate... and build significant wealth as a side effect.
  • If you’re an experienced investor... I’ll give you my proven strategies to help you close “Nothing Down” deals, and expand your real estate portfolio.

It's time for ACTION.

The next step is to reserve your seats, using the buttons below.

I can’t wait to see you in  Hilton Toronto Hotel

145 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L2

on February 3rd and 4th...

and to share my life-changing system with you.

Robert G. Allen

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